KB Sound iSelect 2.5” Bathroom Speakers & DAB Radio

Elegant lines with a superb finish that will give your interior decor the edge.

Enhance your kitchen or bathroom with the wireless stereo KBSOUND® Select experience. The power supply and tuner installs out of the way and it’s operated completely by the remote.

19” Classic Mirror Screen Waterproof Bathroom TV (HD Ready)


Fully Waterproof Construction – Meets IP65 Waterproof Classification making the Bathroom TV practical and safe for use in a wet environment.
Crisp, high resolution 19″ LCD Screen.
Magic Mirror Screen Finish.
Heated screen to prevent condensation.

KB Sound iSelect 5” Bathroom Speakers & DAB

The KBSOUND® Select comes in a complete kit consisting of :

Electronic module with built-in FM tuner
1,5+1,5W Stereo output
Remote Control Unit equipped with a screen to display functions and direct key-in of FM station frequency
Automatic seek and save of stations with optimum reception

Videospa 19″ HD LED Mirror TV

Switch off, tune in and stretch out with this Videospa 19″ HD LED Mirror TV. Waterproof TVs have become a feature of luxury hotels and now you can enjoy the same technology with the Videospa bathroom TV, exclusive to BathHub.